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We are a producer of houses on water called houseboat / hausboot and high-density polyethylene floats, thanks to which can be created: piers, berths, marinas, floating platforms, platforms for houses on the water. The possibility of adapting floating platforms for Dutch houses.

Recreation and recreation have many dimensions. The goal, however, is one – to ensure comfort and promote human rest. An extremely attractive form of recreation is the use of houses on the water – the so-called hausboots. They provide an unforgettable experience, beautiful views and an interesting option of traveling on waterways. Hausboot is a new, quality rest for everyone.

What is hausboot?

Hausboot or otherwise – a houseboat, a houseboat – is a watercraft that has been designed in such a way that you can also live in it. These types of facilities are equipped with self-propulsion, which makes it easier to navigate the waterways. Inside the hausboots there is everything that can be found in small apartments, so the kitchen, bathroom (with shower and toilet), room (with bedroom) and even a terrace. In many countries, hausboots are becoming a very good and cheap housing alternative. In Poland – it is an ideal form conducive to recreation and rest. Residential barges are flat-bottomed buildings with low draft or catamarans and trimarans. The dimensions of the living space provide hausboots with good stability, and the wide hull allows them to be used even in shallow waters. Housboots can be freely equipped, adapted to your needs – in a word, decorate according to your taste. It is an ideal tool for practicing water tourism and spending time with family and friends.

Hausboot – a producer of houses on the water!

Hausboot is an ideal holiday investment. Modern, comfortable and safe hausboots are delivered by Ahm Group Sp. z o.o. We are a specialist in the production and providing clients with comfortable hausboot vessels. Our apartment boats are popular even among very demanding customers. The solutions we offer for vessels for living are perfect tourist facilities and accommodation. Hausbots by Ahm Group can be used throughout the year, as they have been equipped with a heating system with heat pumps and a solar installation. Our residential boats also have the possibility of permanent connection to the electricity and water supply and sewage systems. The units also have an efficient engine for safe movement.

Manufactured by the company Ahm Group Sp. z o.o. hausbooty are modern and extremely comfortable vessels that will ensure the convenience of their users. Our company’s offer also includes polyethylene floats of various profiles enabling the implementation of own concepts of vessels as well as tourist and recreation platforms and built-in platforms allowing for the creation of barges, bridges and houses on the water. The platforms we provide can also be adapted for floating Dutch houses.

Why choose our offer?

The company Ahm Group Sp. z o.o. is an experienced manufacturer of solutions such as: profiles, platforms and houseboat units (hausboot). Our products are created using the latest technologies and excellent, durable and guaranteeing the safety of raw materials. In addition to reliable products, we also provide our clients with professional advice and assistance. Our offer can, if possible, be adapted to the customer’s requirements. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the products we offer and to buy modern hausboots, platforms or floats (pontoons).