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Houseboats are simple but comfortable and fully equipped residential structures that can be used anchored at the quay or used for short cruises. They combine the features of a summer cottage, boat and cabin with full equipment necessary to ensure a comfortable rest. Mounted on a floating platform, they are completely safe even with a larger wave and strong gusts of wind.

Floating houseboats – advantages

A flat on the water is certainly one of the biggest advantages that are distinguished by Dutch houses built on a floating platform. It not only provides a comfortable place to relax during the summer holidays, but also – thanks to mobility – allows you to change the environment. Among the many other advantages that make the water houses stand out are:

  • combination of a residential and a floating function,
  • trouble-free and quick change of location without the need for packing and moving things,
  • complete equipment that allows you to conveniently perform all daily activities,
  • adjusting the living space to the number of users,
  • possibility of choosing a version with thermal insulation (all-year Dutch houses),
  • the possibility of using the house both on water and on land,
  • adaptation to earning functions in the form of rentals for tourists.

Houseboats, which offers a manufacturer of residential barges – the company Ahm Group Sp. z o.o. are ready to move in. A valuable element is the complete interior of the house on the water. It includes furniture such as kitchen cabinets or a bed, as well as a sink, sink, toilet with macerator, shower cubicle, mirror or gas stove.

Types of offered houseboats

Dutch houses or residential barges on the water are built on a special floating platform. An alternative to the independent implementation of the project is the purchase of a ready-made solution proposed by Ahm Group Sp. z o.o .. Her specialty is the manufacture of floating platforms, but ready-made houses on the water are also on offer. The standard design is available in several variants, which allows not only to choose the construction to suit the needs, number of users, but also to the financial possibilities. As a result, the customer receives a ready boat with the possibility of residence. The projects include buildings with a deck area from 21.84 m2 to 50.24 m2. The largest variant includes rooms such as the living room, bathroom, two bedrooms and kitchen area. The design and equipment are adapted for 6 people.

The manufacturer of houses on the water has equipped all residential barges and Dutch houses with solar panels that provide cheap energy. This significantly reduces operating costs through economical fuel consumption. Other elements of the equipment of the proposed floating-residential barges include, among others: large tanks for fresh water and liquid waste, outboard engine, mechanical control system, water pressure pump, batteries, lighting and a gas furnace for heating utility water and space heating.